Interpump E3 Series Pumps


  • New dual lip oil seal – better oil/ water sealing.
  • New guiding system – optimal sliding of the piston guide assembly reduces friction between the pistons and the seals (longer seal life).
  • New optimized outlet valves – better volumetric efficiency.
  • Inlet valves interchangeable between the 47 and 66 series.
  • New generation seal package with special piston guiding bush.
  • New piston fastening system – eliminates the risk of pressure build up inside the piston.
  • Large diameter oil sight glass.
  • Oil dipstick with breather.
  • Oversized connecting rods – reduce specific pressure and better lubrication.
  • Large oil capacity for better cooling and lubrication.
  • New dual diameter piston guide – reducing risk of oil leak, extended like of oil seal.
  • Oversized forged crank shaft and gudgeon pin.
  • New dust protection chamber between crankcase and manifold.
  • New solid ceramic piston with dual guide system.
  • New forged brass manifold.
  • Can be ordered with built in automatic regulator – specify H model number.

Interpump E3 Series Pumps

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