Dema Drum Mount Proportioners

Components series drum mount proportioners mount to any 2 ½” bung opening to dispense chemical solution directly from the drum or tote at the correct dilution. Various models are available to meet standard and high induction applications.


  • 2.5" Bung Adaptors
  • 1/4" ID Barb with 8' Hose
  • 140°F Max Temperature
 Product No.  Description 
 DA161  High Induction Drum Mount Proportioner
 DA162  Proportioner w. Metering Screw Adjustment
 DA1623  Proportioner w. Metering Tip Adjustment
 DA163BAG  Proportioner, 4 gpm, w. Air Gap
 DA163H  High Capacity Proportioner w. Metering Tip Kit
 DA164  Proportioner, 1 gpm, w. Metering Tip Kit
 DA164H  Proportioner, 1 gpm, w. Air Gap