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Belle Group BGBMD300 4 x 4 Minidumper

  • Get 3x the capacity of a standard wheelbarrow with a 661 lbs load capacity
  • Powerful 4-Wheel Drive design gets you wherever you need to go in all terrains
  • Ideal for many applications and use in different environments
  • Perfect weight distribution for stability and easy steering as well as dumping
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly control panel for easy and fun operation
  • 28" width permits passage through standard doorways for access to all areas of a jobsite
  • Faster and more flexible alternative to a track-drive dumper
  • Handles up to 38° uphill or 20° downhill incline
  • Responsive handling makes it easy to move around when working on slopes
  • Robust and durable design and construction
  • 4-Wheel drive mode and retractable centre wheel for easy maintenance access
  • 5-Gear gearbox with 4 forward and 1 reverse gears
  • Equipped with disc brakes and 4x multipurpose tires
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BGAT350H Towable Mixer

340 Litre Drum - 5.5 HP Honda GX160 Gasoline Engine

  • Strong, durable, easy-to-clean chassis designed for demanding on-site applications
  • Quick and effortless to transfer from road tow to mix mode
  • Large 280 liter drum
  • Supplied complete with mudguards, tow hitch and full integrated lighting board
  • Large hand wheel for easy tipping with foot pedal locking system
  • Adjustable leg height
  • High quality wheel suspension able to cope with speeds up to 85km/h (55mph)
  • Lifting eye and forklift sockets for easy site transportation
  • Cast-iron ring gear and pinion with protection guard for safe operator usage
  • Engine canopy with integrated ventilation for improved engine cooling
  • 3 large grated mixing paddles for enhanced mixing performance
  • Fully integrated lighting board


Engine: Honda GX160
Engine Power: 5.5 HP
Drum Volume: 340 L
Mixing Capacity: 280 L
Noise Level: 105 dB(A)
Dimensions: 75.2″ x 64.2″ x 37.4″
Weight: 712lbs


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Belle Group BG02214WB Warrior Wheelbarrow

100 L Capacity HDPE Wheelbarrow

  • Extra strong indestructible HDPE Tray - HDPE is non stick and easy to clean
  • Low noise loading of bricks and material. Ideal for urban use
  • Extra wide profile tire offers better use in sandy conditions
  • Extra strong wheel is fitted with a needle bearing for enhanced performance
  • Deep tread tire with inner tube alleviates possibility of punctures
  • Stronger and larger wheel plate is adjustable for optimum balance
  • Flat front tube for vertical storage
  • Additional wear strip for extra endurance
  • Heavy duty reinforced electro-plated frame
  • The whole wheelbarrow is ergonomically designed
  • Never Leak Again foam filled tire available


Tray Capacity: 100 L
Tray Type: HDPE
Dimensions: 23.6″ x 57″ x 26.6″
Weight: 37.5lbs


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Golz GOFB200-560 Gas-Powered Core Drill

Features of the Golz GOFB200-560 Gas-powered Core Drill:

  • One-man operation
  • Easy and fast workflow
  • The equipment is at any time ready-to-use on the construction site as it operates independent of the main power supply thanks to the STIHL-2-stroke motor

Specifications for the Golz GOFB200-560 Gas-powered Core Drill include:

  • 2.8 kW (3.8 hp) engine power
  • Speed range 600 rpm
  • Core drill connection GÖLZ-3 hole, with water swivel, drilling range 50 – 200 mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 480 × 300 × 490 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg (without drill bit)


  • Exhaust tube, approx. 4 m long, for disposing the exhaust from the work area       GO0295-010-0018
  • Pressurized water tank, 10 l with hose, to supply the drill bit with water   GO0295-000-0479
  • Drill Stand GOKB150 or GODS300S
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Belle Group BGPROMIX1200E Electric Handheld Paddle Mixer

Features of the BGPROMIX1200E Electric Handheld Paddle Mixer:

  • Variable Speed Control:
  • 1200E Speed 1st Gear: 76-262rpm
  • 1600E Speed 1st Gear: 153-310rpm
  • 1200E Speed 2nd Gear: 218-578rpm
  • 1600E Speed 2nd Gear: 309-670rpm
  • Slow Start, Low Splash for a clean job site
  • Range of paddles to suit all applications.
  • Heavy duty motor and long life gearbox.
  • Easy Maintenance procedure.
  • High Power & Torque.
  • Easy to change tools.
  • Motor power: 1200 W
  • Mixing Volume: 113 L
  • Paddle Diameter: 140 mm
  • Height with Paddle: 865 mm
  • Weight without Paddle: 5.5 kg
  • Total Weight with Paddle: 7 kg
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • Fail - safe trigger lock for safe operator use
  • Ergonomic handles for operator comfort
  • Paddle Mixer Speed Range: 76-578 rpm
  • Paddle Fitting: M14 x 2
  • Paddle Mixer Noise Level: 74 db(A)
  • Easy to control
  • 2 blade helical ribbon paddle

BGPROMIX1200E is ideal for high viscosity materials:

  • Plaster
  • Bonding Compounds
  • Cement
  • Mortar Mixes
  • Tile adhesive
  • Render
  • Other small aggregate mixes
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Compact tip up professional mixer

A range of mixers for the professional and rental users. Built for site durability, these are quality, portable mixers for all small to medium building projects. The number one choice for mixers worldwide.


  • Compact and portable for easy transportation.
  • Mixes a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.
  • Complete with barrow height swivel and stand.
  • Full thermal overload protection.
  • Proven robust and durable design.
  • Extra thick drum with quick mix paddles.
  • Heavy-duty sealed cast gearbox for longer life.
  • Large choice of engines and electric motors to suit the user.
  • Electric or Petrol options available.
  • Variable throttle on Honda GX120 variant.
  • Enclosed Electric motor, sealed to IP 45.
  • CE compliant, with NVR (No Volt Release) safety power switch
Ref Model Motor Power (hp / kW) Drum Volume


Mixing Output


Drum Speed


Dimensions Weight

without stand*


off stand (mm)
M54B Minimix 150


Honda GX120 4 / 2.9 130 90 10-24 597 890 1211 61
110v (60Hz) 0.75 / 0.55 130 90 24 597 890 1211 55


 *Weight stand: 9.5kg


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