Belle Group BGPCX450H Combination Compactor (5.5 hp)

  • Specially-engineered cast iron plate allows the PCX plate compactor to operate on soil, sub-base, sand and gravel, as well as asphalt layers without causing cracks or unevenness in the asphalt compound
  • Choice of different plate widths for different jobsite needs
  • Removable water tank (standard for BGPCX450H, optional for BGPCX400H)
  • Ergonomic 90° foldable handle bar for the maximum operator comfort
  • Maximum vibration frequency 100 Hz
  • Low Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) adaptations and handle mountings are standard on all models
  • Patented cast iron plate features rounded edges to minimize edge creasing and optimize results on all kind of materials including soil and asphalt
  • Maneuverable on both soil and asphalt, designed for general building, road works and maintenance in all types of compaction applications

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Belle Group BGPCX450H Combination Compactor Parts Breakdown

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