Belle Group BGPCLX320H Lightweight Compactor

  • Designed for compaction in confined areas especially for narrow trench applications as well as around gas lines and sewer works
  • Patented 8 mm thick base plate optimised for speed and maneuverability across both soil and asphalt
  • Oil sealed lubricated bearings for extended service life
  • Strong V-belt cover.
  • Narrow, detachable folding handlebar for easy storage
  • Tubular frame designed to protect vulnerable components
  • Front base plate features V-shaped water disperser designed for an even distribution of water across the bottom of the plate
  • Sprinkler system is designed to withstand shocks, avoid corrosion, to be completely accessible and replaceable at minimum cost
  • Accessible lifting points
  • Low Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) proof design to minimise the risk of vibration transfer from the machine to the operator

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