PA RL26W Weep Gun

The PA RL26W Weep Gun features a brass forged body. The mechanism in stainless steel grants elevated performance and long life span. The ergonomic design reduces the strain during use and protects the user's hand. The lever is fitted with a safety latch to prevent involuntary actions. No water passage upon trigger release. Always leaks a small quantity of water. Summary of features are:

  • 4 050 psi Rated Pressure
  • 8 gpm Max.Flow
  • 320° F Max Temperature
  • 3/8" NPT-F Inlet
  • 1/4" NPT-F Outlet
  • 13.3 oz Weight


 Product No.  Description
 RL26W  Weeping Version
 30072524P  Repair Kit RL26W


  • PA RL26 Weep gun parts breakdown

    Size: 205 KB
  • PA RL26 Weep gun technical information

    Size: 398 KB
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