PA RB65SS Stainless Steel Washdown Gun

The PA RB65SS Stainless steel  Washdown Gun is a shockproof gun with adjustable conical/pencil jet.- Low pressure gun with conical/pencil jet controlled by the trigger. It has an adjustable screw to vary cone width from 0° to 60 ° and is covered by semi-housings of non-stainable shockproof plastic, entirely sealed and with 3 rubber protective rings. The plastic trigger is protected by hand guard, and has minimum fatigue for trigger opening and use.  Summary of features are : features:

  • 350 psi max.
  • 1/2" BSP-F Fitting Inlet
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern
  • 140°F Max. Temperature- continuous duty
  • 195°F Max. Temperature- short intervals
  • 316 SS
  • 16.0 gpm


 Product No.  Description
 RB65  Spray Gun, Brass, 16.0 gpm
 RB6SEXTBL  Spray Gun, 16.0 gpm, w/ 13.8" Extension
 RB65SW  Spray Gun, Brass, 16.0 gpm, w/ Swivel
 RB65HF  Spray Gun, Brass, 26.5 gpm
 RB65SS  Spray Gun, 316 Stainless Steel, 16.0 gpm
 SW65  Brass Swivel
 30642324P  Repair Kit for RB65 / RB65SW
 30642424P  Repair Kit for RB65HF
 30630624P  Repair Kit for RB65SS


  • PA RB65SS Stainless Steel Washdown Gun parts breakdown

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  • PA RB65SS Stainless Steel Washdown Gun technical information

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