PA RB35-80 Washdown Gun

The RB35-80 Washdown Gun is a low pressure spray gun with stright/cone jet,  with internal structure in plastic material. Completely sealed to avoid dirt stagnation.  Summary of features are:

  • New light-weight Compact design features an internal plastic structure
  • 175 psi rated pressure
  • 176 F max. temperature
  • 13.2 gpm Max. Flow
  • 1/2"F Inlet Swivel
  • EPDM seals
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern
  • Excellent for Food Industry Applications


 Product No.  Description
 RB35-50  120 F Max. Temp. Viton Seals
 RB35-80  176 F Max. Temp. EPDM Seals


  • PA RB35-80 Washdown Gun parts breakdown

    Size: 726 KB
  • PA RB35-80 Washdown Gun technical information

    Size: 288 KB
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