Pratissoli Hydraulic Bell Housing & Flex Coupler - Mounting Kit Built to North America NEMA Standards

Features of the Pratissoli Hydraulic Bell Housing & Flex Coupler:

  • - Easy Installation: The assembly makes installation easy as it comes fully assembled
  • and ready to mount to the pump. Each assembly includes bell housing, flexible joint,
  • spacers and all necessary plugs and screws for mounting.
  • - Reduced Operating Costs: Mounts directly on the pump. Save hours of installation
  • and design time! Less down time on the truck due to mounting problems with other
  • home made mounting assemblies.
  • - Improved Pump Life: Longer pump life due to proper alignment of the pump to the
  • hydraulic motor.
  • - Vibration Control: Proper alignment and proper mounting equipment improve
  • vibration of installation.

Pratissoli Hydraulic Bell Housing & Flex Coupler

  • Pratissoli Pump Catalogue

    Size: 360 KB
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