The PA VB60 5800 PSI Stainless Steel Flow Sensitive Unloader is a pressure regulating unloader valve with zero setting on the delivery line.  At the closure of the gun the water flow is bypassed at low pressure maintaining also the delivery line in low pressure.

  • Order part # 60260040P
  • 5800 psi Max.Pressure
  • 2.3 gpm Min.Flow
  • 16 gpm Max. Flow
  • 195°F Max. Temperature
  • 1/2" NPT-M Inlet/outlet/bypass
  • Blue spring with spacer
  • Stainless steel
  • Repair kit : 60261824P

  • PA VB60 Unloader parts breakdown

    Size: 560 KB
  • PA VB60 Unloader technical manual

    Size: 2 MB
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