PA RP30 Pneumatic Spray Gun

The PA RP30 Pneumatic Spray gun features an ON-OFF pneumatic valve - it stops the flow when air pressure is missing. The  Seat and Ball are in stainless steel Entirely made of brass, stainless steel and anodized aluminum.  Summary of features are :

  • 2 300 psi max.
  • 195° F Max. Temperature
  • 101 psi Minimum Required Air Pressure
  • 1/4" BSP-F air fitting required
  • 8.0 gpm
  • 1/4" BSP-F inlet/outlet


  • PA RP30 Pneumatic Spray Gun parts breakdown

    Size: 476 KB
  • PA RP30 Pneumatic Spray Gun technical information

    Size: 2 MB
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