PA RL82 Stainless Steel Foam Gun

The PA RL82 Stainless Steel Foam Guns with features that enable them to be used in food industry. Designed for use with foamy detergents thanks to the wide inner passages which allow for foam to flow freely, and no holes in casing to prevent filth from depositing inside the gun. Summary of features are:

  • Especially Designed for use with Foam and Detergents
  • 1 850 psi Rated Pressure
  • 21 gpm Max. Flow
  • 320° F Max. Temperature
  • 1/2" F Inlet Swivel
  • stainless steel body
  • Wide Inner Passages allow for Foam to Flow Freely
  • No Holes in the Casing


 Product No.  Description
 RL82  Stainless Steel Body
 30290524P  Repair Kit RL82


  • PA RL82 Stainless Steel Foam Gun parts breakdown

    Size: 232 KB
  • PA RL82 Stainless Steel Foam Gun technical information

    Size: 95 KB
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