PA Pulsar 60240050P Zero Unloader Valves

The NEW PA Zero Flow Activated Unloader is a soft unloader. Opened gun gradually increases pressure. Closing the gun decreases pressure in the hose to zero - making it easier to handle.

The PA Pulsar 60240050P Zero Unloader Valves feature:

  • 4 050 psi
  • 10.5 gpm
  • 195° F Max. Temperature
  • 1/2" BSP-F Inlet / Outlet / Bypas (2)


 Product No.  Description
 60240050P  Unloader


For more Valves like the see: DynaBlast Pressure Wash Components - Valves

  • PA Pulsar Zero Unloader parts breakdown

    Size: 203 KB
  • PA Pulsar Zero Unloader technical manual

    Size: 1 MB
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