Kodiak SV515 Vacuums

Features of the Kodiak SV515:

  • Heavy duty tanks on wet / dry vacuums for extra strength & durability.
  • Quiet and long lasting 2 stage turbines providing up to 90 of water lift.
  • Anti static accessories specially designed for safer use.
  • Standard high capacity washable polyester filters on all units.
  • Standard vacuum accessories included on all units.

Specifications for the Kodiak SV515:

  • 10 gallon wet/ dry
  • Steel Tank
  • 1.5 hp/ 1080 W
  • 100 cfm
  • 22 lbs

All Kodiak vacuums are manufactured to provide the utmost in quality for professional end-users. All Kodiak Vacuums have a proven track record for reliability and are designed to work day in and day out. Whether you are in a Car detailing business, a Custodian at a school, running a Janitorial business or a Drywall contractor / General contractor we have the vacuum to get the job done.

Kodiak SV515 Vacuums

  • Kodiak SV515 Vacuums Product Sheet

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  • SV515 French Brochure

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