Kodiak KD5000D Portable Generators

Features of the Kodiak KD5000D Portable Generators:

  • Kohler KD350 Air cooled engine with electric start dependable start and longer run time
  • Brushed AVR alternator design
  • Oversized muffler for quiet operation
  • Equipped with GFCI receptacles for safer operation in wet
    weather conditions
  • Equipped with non-fuse breakers for easier operation
  • Full power feature for high in rush amp demand
  • Load monitor for longer engine life
  • CSA approved products

Specifications for the Kodiak KD5000D Portable Generators include:

  • 6.7HP Kohler KD350
  • 20.0 L tank capactiy
  • 22 hrs alternator half load run time
  • 14 hrs alternator full load run time
  • AC output: 3750W (rated) 5000W (max)
  • Amps120V: 31.25A (rated) 41.6A (max)
  • Amps240V: 15.6A (rated) 20.8A (max)
  • Dimensions 28.75" x 20" x 24"
  • 208 lbs


Kodiak Power Equipment is an established Canadian player and been supplying professional grade equipment for 18 years with over 300,000 units active in the field. Whether you work hard or play hard, all Kodiak generators are easy to use, durable, and most important, dependable to get the job done.

  • Kodiak KD5000D Portable Generators

    Size: 114 KB
  • KD5000D French Brochure

    Size: 104 KB
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