Kodiak Cleaning Detergent

• Concentrated detergent
• Professional strength, biodegradable solutions
• Recommended for use with all pressure washers to enhance cleaning

Product Description Bitrix Child Safety Cap
KODIAKDEG4 Degreaser 4 L Yes Yes
KODIAKAPC4 All Purpose Cleaner 4 L Yes Yes
KODIAKDFC4 Deck & Fence Wash 4 L No Yes
KODIAKHWW4 House & Window Wash 4 L Yes Yes
KODIAKCBW4 Car & Boat Wash 4 L Yes Yes

Kodiak cleaning detergent contains one drop of Bitrix, a very bitter product for child safety.

  • Kodiak Cleaning Detergent

    Size: 183 KB
  • Kodiak détergent de nettoyage

    Size: 231 KB
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