Interpump TIMAX Regulating Valve

For use with Pratissoli KL and CW series pumps.

Interpump TIMAX Regulating Valve is a manually adjustable, pressure-operated device which, according to its setting, limits the pump/system pressure by conveying the excess of water to the by-pass. Moreover, when the outlet flow is blocked, this device totally releases the flow, thus keeping the pump/system at the adjusted pressure.

The Interpump TIMAX Regulating Valve Specifications:

  • 900 psi Max. Pressure
  • 52.8 gpm Max. Flow
  • 3/4" BSP-F Inlet
  • 1/2" BSP-F Outlet (x3)
  • 1" BSP-F Bypass
  • 59.2 oz. Weight
  • Lever activates bypass mode


 Product No.  Description
 TIMAX  Pressure Regulator
 RKI051T  Repair Kit


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  • Interpump TIMAX Regulating valve parts breakdown

    Size: 689 KB
  • Interpump TIMAX Regulating valve user manual

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