Interpump Series 60 Duplex Plunger Pumps


  • A new line of industrial pressure wash pumps in a compact size.
  • Forged brass manifold.
  • Large sight glass for easy monitoring of oil levels.
  • 11.4 oz oil capacity for better cooling.
  • Oversized white bronze connecting rods for increased strength and stability.
  • Fully anodized crankcase for better protection against the elements.
  • Oversized ball bearings to allow higher load capabilities, and increased pump life.
  • Improved low pressure seals.
  • White ceramic plungers (99% alumina-ceramic).
  • Anti freeze bushing reduces chance of plunger cracking due to freezing.
  • Positive aligning valve cap.
  • 1/8″ gauge port.
  • Optional built in unloader valve.

Interpump Series 60 Duplex Plunger Pumps

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