Dynablast HR4KIT Hot Water Hose Reel Kits

Features of Dynablast HR4KIT Hot Water Hose Reel Kits:

  • Heavy Duty Construction: Hose Reel is ruggedly constructed of 12 and 16 gauge steel.
  • All Hardware and junction hoses included; everything included for easy onsite installation
  • 150™ Hose Capacity using 3/8 inch hose.
  • Adjustable Split Bearing Assembly: For safe usage and flexibility
  • Captive (4-sided) Hose Guide Roller Assembly: Provides smooth payout and rewind.
  • Hannay Hose Reel: Kit includes an industrial grade hose reel manufactured by Hannay and specially designed for Pressure Wash Professionals.
  • Cam Lock Brake Assembly: Hose reel is supplied with an adjustable cam lock brake assembly with infinite tension settings.
  • Made in the USA

H2527DGFThe Dynablast HR4KIT Hot Water Hose Reel Kit is designed to easily fit the following Dynablast Hot Water Pressure Washer Models:

  • H3025DEF1
  • H3030DEF1
  • H3030DEF3D
  • HK4030DDF
  • H4035DGF
  • HS4035DGF
  • HS4035DGFS
  • HK4035DGF

Specifications for the Dynablast HR4KIT Hot Water Hose Reel Kits include:

  • Operating Pressure (PSI):  4 000
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250° F / 121° C
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):  20" x 20" x 24"
  • Unit Weight: 35 lbs
  • Dynablast HR4KIT Hot Water Hose Reel Kits

    Size: 497 KB
  • HR4KIT French Brochure

    Size: 502 KB
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