Heavy-Duty A Frame Hose Reel

The Heavy-Duty A Frame Hose Reel features:

  •  5000 psi maximum pressure
  • 185° F maximum temperature
  • Heavy gauge steel frame
  • 3/8" inlet/outlet
  • 150' or 300' capacity of 3/8" hose
  • Powder coated on piece welded reel
  • stainless steel swivel inlet arm
  • Drum brake and pin lock drum
  • Ideal for trailer mount and other industrial cleaning applications


 Product No.  Description
 DHRA50150  150 ft. Capacity of 3/8" Hose
 DHRA50300  300 ft. Capacity of 3/8" Hose
 HR2103246  Replacement Swivel


For more Hose Reels like the Heavy-Duty A Frame Hose Reel see: DynaBlast Pressure Wash Components - Hose Reels

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