Dynablast DYNAHR150 Cold Water Hose Reel Kits


  • Heavy Duty Construction with the frame made of heavy duty steel
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating
  • 150 Foot Hose Capacity: Using 3/8 inch hose
  • Everything Included: All hardware and junction hose are included for easy installation.


  • 3 000 psi Pressure
  • 174°F / 80°C Maximum Operating Temperature
  • 16” x 14” x 17”
  • 18 lbs

For use with the following models:

The DYNAHR150 is designed to easily fit the following Dynablast Cold Water Pressure Washer Models:

  • CR2010DE1
  • CR2010DET1
  • CR3015DE1
  • CR3621DE1
  • CR3621DET1
  • CR3621DET3D
  • CR3025DG

Dynablast continues the tradition of manufacturing quality products, always making certain to meet or exceed industry standards. With more than 50 hot and cold pressure washer products available to the industrial market, we offer not only variety, but also innovation. Whatever your requirements, Dynablast has the performance machine for you. Dynablast pressure washers give you the endurance you need to get the job done. Our unique designs are engineered to fit the needs of our users and are built to clean into the future.

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Dynablast DYNAHR150 Cold Water Hose Reel Kits


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