AMT Engine Driven High Pressure Fire Pumps

The IPT Engine Driven line of High Pressure/Fire pumps deliver excellent pressure and flow for use in many applications including: fire protection, emergency fire fighting, washdown and AG/Sprinkler.

AMT Engine Driven High Pressure Fire Pumps Features:

  • Aluminum Construction with Replaceable Hard Coat Anodized Wear Ring
  • Viton® Mechanical Seal with Silicon Carbide & Carbon Faces
  • 2-1/2" NPT Port Sizes
  • Exhaust Prime or Hand Prime Depending on Model
  • Prime Assist to 19 Ft.
  • Built-in Discharge Check Valve
  • Discharge Pressure Gauge Included Suction Strainer, Nipples and Heavy Duty
  • Steel Roll Frame with Battery Tray Included
  • Maximum Head up to 165 PSI/ 380’ TDH
  • Delivers to 270 GPM
  • Available with B&S Vanguard, Honda, Gasoline or Yanmar Diesel
  • 12 Volt DC Electric Start
  • Optional NPT to Fire Hose Thread
  • Optional Wheel Kit Available


FIRE-9 Model 25FP23AR



  • AMT Engine Driven High Pressure Fire Pumps

    Size: 347 KB
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