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Dynablast: Effective Pressure Wash Cleaning Solutions for Canadian Industry

Trusted for over 30 years, Dynablast is an industry leader in cold water and hot water pressure washer manufacturing. As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of industrial pressure wash equipment in Canada, we offer unparalleled value and selection for the country’s industrial market cleaning demands.

Dynablast is a division of John Brooks Company Limited.

Core Markets for Dynablast Pressure Wash Solutions

For decades, Dynablast has served the industrial cleaning sector, with customized pressure wash solutions, pumps and equipment tailored to individual needs. We gladly serve a diverse clientele, providing superior, dependable results time and again.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Car Wash
  • Mining
  • Food Processing
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Industrial Cleaning

Dynablast Products: Our Strength is in Our Quality

Portable Generators - our wide selection of the best portable generators includes commercial use, consumer use and professional generators

Industrial Vacuums and Fans - proven, professional grade heavy duty performance; with high capacity filters and wet/dry vac options available; suitable for custodial, janitorial, car detailing and contractor applications, among other heavyweight demands

Pressure Wash Components - all the accessories you need for your cold water and hot water pressure washer equipment; includes specialty nozzles, high volume low pressure (HLVP ) spray guns, high pressure water pumps, triplex pumps for drain cleaning and jetting applications, filters and more

Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers - industrial cold water and hot water pressure washers for dynamic industrial cleaning applications

Water Transfer Pumps- designed for simplicity and efficacy, our pumps empty pools and hot tubs, as well as provide back-up in the event of basement flooding


Water Transfer Pump Selection

-Centrifugal Pumps -Coolant Pumps -Dewatering Pumps -Diaphragm Pumps -Dredging Pumps -High Head Pumps -Pedestal Pumps -Polypropylene Pumps  -Rotary Drum Pumps -Submersible Pumps -Sump Pumps -Trash Pumps  -Water Pump Accessories

Dynablast Specialties

Choose from a wide variety of extraordinary industrial cleaning products and services designed to get the job done right.

We specialize in hot water pressure washers, electric pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, custom pumping systems, portable water pumps, the best portable generators, industrial vacuums, and hydrovac.

Dynablast Creates Industrial Products for Industrial Cleaning

At Dynablast, we stand for quality, variety and innovation. We offer over 155 hot water pressure washers to the industrial market, meeting the unique requirements of a range of business models. Dynablast manufactures and supplies one of Canada’s largest selections of the following authoritative designs:

  • Industrial Pressure Washers (both cold and hot water pressure washers)
  • Power Equipment
  • Agricultural Spray Components and Accessories

Performance Pressure Wash Products for Your Business

At Dynablast, we understand that our clients have individual needs and concerns. Our varied selection is representative of our diverse clientele, and of our commitment to both utility and versatility. Here, a few of the sectors we serve at Dynablast, and a few examples of cleaning applications for each:

  • Agriculture (barns, silos, machinery, pens and service areas)
  • Car Wash (touchless, friction and self-serve options available)
  • Hydrovac (high pressure pumps and systems, steam and pressure trucks)
  • Industrial Cleaning (tractors trailers, dump trucks, cranes, backhoes)
  • Janitorial (schools, hospitals, parks and playgrounds, swimming pools, graffiti removal)
  • Mining (service trucks, drill bits and rigs, mud pumps, scaling, shotcrete sprayer)
  • Oil and Gas (includes on and off-shore rigs, refineries, pipelines and service trucks)

High Efficiency Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washer Cleaning Solutions for Canadian Industry

At Dynablast, we have been providing the industrial sector with cold water and hot water pressure washer components, pumps and equipment for over 30 years.

Our extensive product range includes spray guns [including high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray guns], industrial and triplex pumps, high pressure water pumps, and the best portable generators available.

Choose from over 50 cold and hot water pressure washers in the exceptional Dynablast catalogue of merchandise.

Cold Water Pressure Washers for Industry

Dynablast offers a variety of cold water pressure washer options.

  • Dynablast Electric Pressure Washers
  • High Pressure Motor Pumps
  • High Temperature Electric Pressure Washers
  • Kodiak Electric Pressure Washers
  • Kodiak Gas Pressure Washers
  • Master Series Electric Pressure Washers
  • Master Series Gas Pressure Washers

Cleaning applications include, but are not limited to boats, concrete driveways, fences, decks and industrial equipment.

Gas cold water pressure washers are also available.

Hot Water Pressure Washer Options and Innovations

At Dynablast, we carry a full line of hot water pressure washer options to suit your obligations. Models include all electric pressure washers, diesel heated pressure washers, heater modules, and natural gas/ propane heated hot water pressure washers.

With electric design, enjoy the advantages of no re-fueling and no venting, as well as no smoke, fumes or heat exhaust.

Suggested applications, dependant on model, include industrial, farm equipment and in-plant cleaning.

Dynablast Manufacturer Catalogue

Dynablast includes a catalogue of products offered by 23 manufacturers for superior selection and convenience

-AMT  -Baldor  -BJM  -Chapin  -Dema  -Dynablast  -Fill-Rite  -Flojet  -Gator Lock  -General Pump  -Gorman Rupp  -Greenleaf  -Hannay  -Hypro  -Interpump  -John Guest  -Kodiak  -Master Series  -PA  -Prastissoli  -SHURflo  -Sotera  -Swissmex

Suppliers of Kodiak Power Equipment: Professional Tools for Professional Results

Kodiak Power Equipment: Cleaning, Generating, Transferring. A division of John Brooks Company Limited, choose Kodiak for proven reliability and 18 years of experience in the construction, commercial and agricultural fields. With over 300, 000 units actively in use, Kodiak is a Brand you can Trust.

Pride and Innovation at the Heart of Industry

Industry is not static and neither are our products. Our engineers and designers are committed to developing solutions for today and tomorrow’s industrial challenges.
Created to fit your specifications, Dynablast products make a powerful, effective cleaning possible today and in the future.

At Dynablast, we listen. We’re constantly improving our products and value your feedback.

Dynablast Supports Canadian Manufacturing

All of our Master Series Electric pressure washers at Dynablast are proudly assembled in Canada.

Outstanding Performance, Endurance and Value

Ours is a thirty year tradition of quality and performance you can trust to get the job done. We improve what needs changing, and when needs change.

Superior quality is standard. When something works, we believe that consistency is a good thing.

Dynablast: Doing our Part for the Environment

At Dynablast, we are committed to offering a variety of environmentally friendly products, and we’re a company to do so in the early stages of the ecological movement with our range of greener natural gas and propane-heated burners.  Products that stand the test of time mean fewer trips to the landfill. Outlast the competition with Dynablast!

Certification, Standards and Safety

Your safety, health and environment are important to us. Dynablast goes the extra mile to ensure that our products meet or exceed the industry standard. All of the units from our full service line are ETL/CSA certified.

All professional grade Kodiak power equipment we offer is certified to CSA and EPA standards, and is approved by engine manufacturers.

Dynablast Strength, Quality and Guarantee: Products Engineered to Exceed Your Expectations

Our strength has always been in the quality of our products. Dynablast has built a solid foundation on superior products and services. Our goal is to meet or exceed industry standards.

We are proud to stand behind a comprehensive warranty that guarantees most products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for up to a year of normal use. Please see http://www.dynablast.ca/about/warranty/#.U2kCMVpOWUk for details and exceptions.

Wands, hoses and spray guns are warranted for 30 days. Always visit an authorized service centre for repairs in order to avoid invalidating warranty.

We stand by the exceptional quality goods of our partner manufacturers. The Kodiak Power Equipment line of products we offer have a return rate of less than one-tenth of 1%.

A Division of John Brooks Company Limited

At Dynablast, we are proud to be a part of the quality tradition of John Brooks Company Limited. Together with Brooks Construction Division and Kodiak Power Equipment united we serve, supply and manufacture the finest industrial cleaning materials for Canada’s booming industrial market.  

John Brooks Company Limited, founded in 1938, is Canada’s full service national supplier of filtration equipment, spray nozzles, pumps and engineered systems.

A growing company of 150 employees, John Brooks Company Limited has 7 locations nationwide to serve you.

Where to Find Us

Dynablast is industrial products for industrial cleaning. Our strength has always been in the quality of our products.

For proven reliability in supplies and service, contact Dynablast toll free at 1.888.881.6667, or by email at sales@dynablast.ca.

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